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BRL LANDesign is a boutique landscape design group. We are an experienced team of skilled professionals who believe landscape architecture is a fine art. BRL focuses on your experience within your outdoor space and draws inspiration from the bigger picture; your landscape growing and evolving over time. This principle marries your existing construction with the art of composition to create quality, personal, and functional landscape environments.


We care about our clients and our reputation. BRL works with a select number of clients to ensure that each one gets the highest level of attention, skilled workmanship, and creative approach for which we are known. 


We will work with you to create your unique, custom design with the best value. From consultation to concept and from plan to execution, your environment is our blank canvas. 



project manager

 Brent Riechers is a professional landscape designer who has over 15 years of design, planning, project management, & implementation experience.

He has worked on a variety of landscape design, open space planning, & habitat restoration projects. He received a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from California Polytechnic University in 2005. Brent is a passionate, honest and creative professional with a critical eye for design detail and a lifelong passion for landscape and architecture.  

NANCY  office manager
CINDY  business development
EMILY  detailing field manager/supervisor

KELLY  annuals designer
ALBERTO  hardscape and labor manager
ANGEL  hardscape specialist

RON  technology and field supervisor 
SHONA  garden assistant
KATE  garden assistant
STEPHANIE  garden assistant
CALEB  garden assistant
BLAKE  garden assistant

BONUS  furry mascot

BRL employs talented garden professionals, who care about enriching your experience within your landscape. Our staff is knowledgeable of plants and materials appropriate for the Chicago region. We emphasize quality control and attention to detail by keeping our group small and focused.

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