Thank you for helping us realize our dream garden. It looks great and we are enjoying it!"


Nicole S. ~ Chicago​​

Brent, you're a botanical genius. Karen and I are so happy with what you guys did. Looks  fabulous. Thanks so much."

"Brent, you OUTDID YOURSELF!!!! Who knew fall flowers could be so gorgeous. Thank you."


Rob & Karen C. ~ Chicago​​

“What was so impressive was the blend of talents that Brent & his team have - the perfect combination of creativity, fun, expertise, care/finesse, and strength/work-ethic that would make any landscaper jealous.  On the design side you've got Brent leading the team - Brent knows horticulture, he knows zones, and planting times, and soil, and grading, and perspective, and balance, and scale and which things play well with others and on and on.  My wife is a well known interior designer and she appreciated his design skills and they worked well together."


Josh T. ~ Chicago​​

“Brent and his designs, creativity and spirit are phenomenal. We started using his team a few years ago to design our roof top deck, parkway and front lawn area. He and the team are so professional and easy to work with. They are extremely busy, but that speaks for their work. "


Michelle D. ~ Chicago

“From start to finish, and now even a year later, Brent has been unbelievably present and on top of this project. He took loads of time to drive me around to all his favorite garden centers so that he could understand which plants made me light up, and which I didn't respond to. He introduced me to the types of plants that I should pay attention to, and ushered me away from those that weren't going to be good for us. That experience alone was phenomenal for me. Brent truly delights in beautiful plants, and his expertise is easily seen. "


Megan S. ~ Chicago

Below, a note left on our longtime client’s door:



I just wanted to let you know that your gardens are beautiful. 

I am a dog walker with a client on Muirwood and whenever I am over this way and pass your house I am just amazed!

I can only imagine the thought, planning and work that goes into creating and maintaining them, but please know they bring joy to those who see them!

Happy summer!



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